Photography workshops 4th Bohemian workshop.


From the beginning of 2015 I’ve started running unique photography workshops. Differently from the average workshops you might find in Thailand or South East Asia. On my workshop you can have multiple chances to have 1-to-1 photo sessions with international models. Also this can be defined more as private parties in unique and stunning locations where participants are likeminded peopleenjoy each other company and artistic contribution.
Bohemian Workshop include minimum 2 models and 2 Make Up artists with limited number of participants. And of course in great location with infinity pool, music, drinks, tapas and dinner included. Surely a party not to be missed!

I can also arrange private photography workshop tailored to your needs.


Bohemian workshop 4 – “Galassia”

Special location: Banyan tree Phuket.
Date: 5-6 september 2015.
Models: Maria Klepchenko, Anastasia Velikaia, Jasmin Shakti.
HMUA: Lahla Abes, Annette Jones.
Costumes: @Eka Sav style.
Also you can watch the video from this workshop Phuket News TV  and Phuket today TV by Phuket Gazette
Bohemian Workshop 4 recap

Some photos from this workshop:

“United colors” of Bohemian workshop 3 

Date: 30 april 2015.
Special guest: Noe Two
Models: Jane Kisnica, Maria Klepchenko.
MUA/bodypaint: Jen Real, Katerina Sapogova.
Also you can watch the video from this workshop here!
Bohemian Workshop 3 recap and more photos here!

Some photos from this workshop:

Bohemian workshop 2 – “Earth and fire”.

Date: 28 february 2015.
Models: Maria Klepchenko, Dorka Banki.
MUA: Katherine Gabriela, Tatiana Efimenko.
You can watch the video from this workshop here!
Bohemian Workshop 2 recap and more photos!

Some photos from this workshop:

Bohemian workshop 1 – “Let it rain”

Date: 17 january 2015.
Model: Aleksa Slusarchi.
MUA: Tatiana Efimenko.

Bohemian Workshop 1 recap

Some photos from this workshop: