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Adriano Trapani

Adriano Trapani

My name is Adriano and I’m an Italian expat who has been living and working in Phuket as photographer for over a decade. To many I’m also known as Phuket Paparazzi, this nickname derives from my past one as underwater photographer (underwater paparazzi). Anyway, be it above or below the surface, wet or dry, in my experience on this island, there’s a good chance I have shot it. As a certified underwater photography instructor I have learned and practiced the art of photography in the hard way given that there was an additional element (water) that would multiply variables and equipment requirements and knowledge. Land based photography gives me more freedom to express my creativity as water is no longer a constraint. From fantasy portraits to architecture or products and lifestyle, I approach every subject or assignment as unique and I always strive for best results. I’m a people person, I like to share my knowledge with likeminded people. Since the beginning of my stay in Phuket, I’ve always been involved in activities for the local community and for charity organizations. An additional learning option to those with experience is to attend one of my photography workshops that I’ve been running since the beginning of 2015. The beauty of photography is that possibilities and techniques are virtually endless, I never stop learning.

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