Creative photography it is an important part of my photography experience and my life. My personal photography projects – this is the way I keep my creative mind going every time I can. By running those projects I have nourished my artistic and creative side of photography by tackling different approaches and techniques.


It is the result of team effort (Photographer, Model, MUA and Stylist) in the whole process and everyone is excited and rewarded for their contribution. It provides individuals an incredible, memorable experience and it not only allows to create and tell their story but also to capture their beauty and artistic side.

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I have started shooting models in retro/pin up styles and outfits back in the summer of 2012 when I was travelling around Europe. It is an homage to Darren Wotz who has published a book made with a series of illustrations featuring full-color advertising images from the 1940s, 50s and 60s paired with sly and lough-out-loud sayings.  Since then I have shot nearly 40 different concepts all accompanied by a daring humor sarcastic quote.

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Projections-nude photography woman lying with grey and white rectangles picture.

My latest project is called “Projections on Skin” and it’s a series or a collection of photos taken in my studio. Images and/or patterns are projected onto models’ skin. Most of the final results look almost like tattoos or body paintings… It was my wife Katia that pitched the idea to me and after letting the idea brew for couple of months, I finally decided to get the equipment needed for it and started tackling it.

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Beauty is in everything and everyone. I personally think that the human body represents the ultimate form of art.

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